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Jason Sexton

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Jason S. Sexton is a systematic theologian with research interests lying at the intellectual crossroads of theology and culture, focusing on the nature of the church’s confession in its ecclesial contexts and in its variegated shapes in society.

A fourth-generation Californian who grew up on the outskirts of the Bay Area, he has taught theology in Cambridge while a visiting scholar at Ridley Hall, and currently teaches systematic theology as an adjunct professor in Southern California. He is the Administrative Convener and visionary coordinator behind the Theological Engagement with California’s Culture Project (TECC), bringing together theologians, historians, social scientists and others to engage California’s variegated cultural phenomena with quantitative and qualitative research methodologies. This project has been supported by grants from Fieldstead and Company and the Foundation for the Advancement of Evangelical Theology in California.

Jason holds the Ph.D. from The University of St Andrews and is an ordained minister with the Evangelical Free Church of America. He has published widely in the field of contemporary theology, including The Trinitarian Theology of Stanley J. Grenz (Bloomsbury/T&T Clark, 2013), Evangelicals and the Trinity: Tracing the Return to the Center of Christian Theology (IVP Academic, forthcoming), and is general editor of Two Views on The Doctrine of the Trinity (Zondervan Academic, forthcoming) and with Fred Sanders is co-editor of Theology and California: Theological Refractions on California’s Culture (Ashgate, 2014).

He is working on a number of projects related to the intersection of theology, criminology, penal theory, and informal community governance to develop a theological account of the church incarcerate, as well as a theological reading of prisons in the Western world, especially the California Department of Corrections.

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