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Brad Bouley on religion, science and the supernatural

Image of Brad Bouley on religion, science and the supernatural USC postdoctoral fellow Brad Bouley presented a lecture titled "The Holy Body: Between Science and the Supernatural" on Tuesday, Nov. 13 as part of the Haunted Religion seminar series sponsored by the Interdiscplinary Research Group (IRG).

Bouley's lecture has been featured in a Daily Trojan article that discusses his research and views on the intersection of supernatural elements in religion and science.

 Here is a excerpt from the article:
Though religious observers often follow traditions in their faith with the same seriousness as the law, a Tuesday lecture revealed that these traditions sometimes stem from unusual places...Bouley delved into changes in the Roman Catholic Church’s canonization process after the Reformation, and highlighted the increasingly scientific approach of looking for physical evidence of supernatural works.
He also discussed the scientific nature of the canonization process in relation to medical doctors, and how over time, they assumed the role of providing medical proof in canonization cases even when faced with social pressures and limitations set by the Catholic church.

Read the rest of the article here.