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Urban Tomography: A Kosher Slice of Pico-Robertson

Image of Urban Tomography: A Kosher Slice of Pico-Robertson CRCC Research Associate Martin Krieger has been featured in a KCET article regarding his photographic work on the Orthodox Jewish enclave in the Pico-Robertson area of Los Angeles. Krieger is currently the Professor of Planning in the Price School of Public Policy at USC, with volumes of research and audio documentation of the Los Angeles area.

An excerpt from the article:

Krieger's research on the Orthodox Jewish enclave in Pico-Robertson, supported by a grant from the Haynes Foundation, surveys every store and residence on Pico Boulevard, from east of La Cienega to west of South Beverly Drive; and on Robertson Boulevard, from north of Wilshire Boulevard and down to the 10 Freeway. The images are set-up in a montage that takes the viewer up and down the street, with a panoramic view of the entire area when the image is seen as a whole.

"His method, which he calls Urban Tomography -- also the name of his book -- involves systematically documenting a subject from multiple angles. "Photographically and orally, you want to get as many aspects as you can -- slices," explains Krieger. "The emphasis is not a single image. You integrate them by looking at them together."

Krieger hopes that in the future, people will be able to use his work and research to remember the history of migration and socio-economic change in Los Angeles.

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