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Current Initiatives

Image of American Muslim Civic Leadership Institute

American Muslim Civic Leadership Institute

Building the capacity of American Muslim leaders to participate in the public square

Image of Cecil Murray Center for Community Engagement

Cecil Murray Center for Community Engagement

Promoting economic development and civic engagement in low-income communities

Image of Center for Islamic Thought, Culture and Practice

Center for Islamic Thought, Culture and Practice

The USC Center for Islamic Thought, Culture and Practice (CITCAP) promotes scholarly research and community engagement on the relationship between Islam, Muslims and contemporary society, East and West. It brings the intellectual tradition of Islam, the evolving realities of modern...

Image of Center for Muslim-Jewish Engagement

Center for Muslim-Jewish Engagement

Promoting dialogue and creating resources for scholarship on Judaism and Islam

Image of Faith Communities and Disasters

Faith Communities and Disasters

Identifying the resources and capacities of California congregations for mobilization in man-made and natural disasters

Image of Future50


The Future50 project works to identify the rising generation of leaders (aged 24-35) motivated by faith and committed to religious pluralism, in the greater Los Angeles area.

Image of Interdisciplinary Research Group

Interdisciplinary Research Group

Working to advance religion-related scholarship at USC.

Image of International Mission Photography Archive

International Mission Photography Archive

Tracing the largest social movement of the 19th century through photographs around the globe

Image of Program on Religious Accommodation

Program on Religious Accommodation

The issue of religious exemptions—claims by religious objectors that they have a right to be exempt from laws that offend their religious beliefs—is exploding. With the example of the controversy over the contraceptive mandate in the Affordable Care Act uppermost...

Image of RCCI


The Religious Competition and Creative Innovation project (RCCI) explores the proposition that competition between religious groups stimulates creative innovation, contributing to religious change and development. RCCI will be developed and primarily focused on Southern California, while developing a comparison with Seoul, South Korea

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