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CRCC Interdisciplinary Research Group

IRG FELLOWS: Research Awards

The Center for Religion and Civic Culture's Interdisciplinary Research Group supports scholarship related to religions.

Beginning in fall 2014, IRG supports only graduate students enrolled in the new doctoral program in Religion at USC.

2012-13 Fellows

Faculty Research Fellows

Doctoral Research Fellows


2010-11 Faculty Research Fellows

  • Darnell Cole and Shafiqa Ahmadi, Rossier School of Education
    A Jihad in American Education: The Experience, Stereotypes and Identity of Muslims in Higher Education (book project)
  • Matthew Gainer, USC Libraries
    Slab City and Lady of the Rock (photography project)
  • Jane Iwamura, Religion and American Studies and Ethnicity
    American Dreams: Contemporary Reflections on Civil Religion, Race, and U.S. Film (book project)
  • Macarena Gomez-Barris, Sociology and American Studies and Ethnicity
    Andean Gateways: Spiritual Tourism in Cusco, Peru (book project)
  • Jason Glenn, History
    The Role of Fleury and its Monks in the Social, Religious, and Political Landscapes of Medieval West Francia (book project)

2011-12 Doctoral Fellows

  • Rebecca Cerling, History
    Saint Anselm and Saplings in the Garden of the Church: Child Advocacy in the Middle Ages
  • Jeremy Glatstein, Art History
    The Watching Night: Print, Power and Jewish Vision in Early Modern Italy
  • Bradly Nabors, Sociology
    All Are Born Atheists?: Implicit Culture and the Practice of Irreligion
  • Thien-Huong Ninh, Sociology
    Transnational Religious Communities: Vietnamese Catholic and Caodai Cross-border Networks Among Co-Religionists in the U.S., Cambodia, and Vietnam
  • Tasneem Siddiqui, American Studies and Ethnicity
    Specters of Islam: The Present Absence of Islam in the Postbellum Sea Islands
  • Mohamed Saleh, Economics
    Muslims, Christians, and Jews in 19th and 20th Century Egypt: Human Capital Differences, Urban Segregation, and Modernization

2009-2010 Faculty Research Fellows

  • Lynn Swartz Dodd (Religion) for work on her book on Israeli-Palestinian negotiations about archaeological sites in the West Bank
  • Sean Roberts (Art History), for his project on Renaissance Venetian painters’ representations of exotic Turkish subjects
  • David Albertson (Religion) for his research on the late medieval theologian Nicholas of Cusa and Cusa’s role in negotiating a rapprochement between science and faith at the historical moment just before religious Reformation.

2010-2011 Doctoral Research Fellows

  • Kristina Buhrman (History) for her study of calendrical divination in medieval and modern Japan
  • Christian Hammons (Anthropology) for his examination of the role of religion in the conflict between tradition and modernity on the island of Siberut, the largest of the Mentawai Islands of Indonesia
  • Zeynep Sahin (Politics and IR) for her work on women’s participation in Islamic and Kurdish nationalist parties in Turkey
  • Kristina Meinking (Classics) for her dissertation on Lactantius, a 4th-century writer who examined the anger of the Christian God in the context of extensive ancient literary, philosophical, and historical discourse