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Community Organizations

CRCC provides research services to help community and faith-based organizations assess their policy and programming efforts. The goal of these services is to provide useful feedback to organizations, as well as to donors, to the communities served, and to other relevant constituencies. We use a range of social-scientific methodologies (e.g., interviews, surveys, and participant observation) that are intended to develop a broad understanding of the development and achievement of program goals from the perspective of both the organization, and the communities they are serving. By providing such empirically driven feedback, CRCC assists community organizations so that they can better achieve their program and policy goals, and better meet the needs of their constituencies.

For example, CRCC conducted a contracted research project for Regional Congregations and Neighborhood Organizations. Staff conducted field research and wrote a report on the RCNO’s community organizing process in San Diego County.

Click here to download the report (PDF).

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