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Supporting Scholarship at USC

Current Opportunities

The CRCC Interdisciplinary Research Group supports scholarship at USC by providing research awards for USC faculty and doctoral candidates, sponsoring working groups, and hosting a a Signature Seminar.

Annual Faculty Research Awards

The Interdisciplinary Research Group will provide up to $10,000 to support faculty research related to religion. To be considered for an award, candidates must meet be USC faculty members (T, TT, or NTT). Funds may not be used for course buy-out or salary, but otherwise are available for any legitimate research purpose, e.g. data collection, travel to archives or conferences, equipment justified by the research project, hiring of research assistants, web design or multimedia support, and expenses for research workshops or other scholarly events.For more information, visit the Annual Faculty Research Award page.

Annual Doctoral Student Research Awards

Each year, the Interdisciplinary Research Group will provide awards up to $5,000 to USC doctoral candidates to advance the study of religion. Candidates must have passed qualifying exams and be engaged in dissertation research and/or writing.For more information, visit the Advanced Doctoral Research Award page.

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Faculty Research Fellows

Doctoral Research Fellows

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