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The Institute for Digital Civic Culture

The Institute for Digital Civic Culture (IDCC) aims to elevate and transform online culture. At its core, IDCC is a professional development program and network that helps thought-leaders use social media for real-world impact and facilitate important online conversations that are essential for a healthy society.

The mission of IDCC is to identify individuals who are able to bring both subject-matter expertise and emotional intelligence to digital spaces; and to provide them with the tools, training and community support they need to elevate public discourse and digital culture.

The six-week program brings together cohorts of participants in an exclusively digital environment for shared learning and experience. The curriculum focuses on holistic methods for mastering one’s use of social media, navigating the information landscape, building community and promoting healthy, productive conflict online.

After completing the six-week program, fellows join a national network of professionals, educators and subject-matter experts who…

  • Practice a set of core principles for productive digital engagement;
  • Are committed to supporting one another; and
  • Are transforming digital culture through elevated conversation, healthy conflict and rigorous truth-seeking.

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The Institute for Digital Civic Culture is run by Amanda Quraishia social media and communications professional, and is housed at the USC Center for Religion and Civic Culture. CRCC is committed to fostering a healthy civic culture around issues of religion, identity and democracy in traditional and online platforms. IDCC is part of CRCC’s work on understanding and fostering digital civic culture in the US and around the globe.