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DCC Program Details

DCC Program Details

The Digital Centership Conservatory aims to elevate and transform online culture by creating and supporting leaders who can build community and manage conversations and conflict online.

The DCC program is an intensive six-week course hosted entirely online. With a cohort of 20-30 adult professionals from the U.S. and Canada, participants will learn tactics for self-mastery in digital environments, information management, leadership skills for online spaces and methods for facilitating necessary, productive online conflict.

DCC revolutionized the way I approach differences and arguments both online and in person…. I, for one, find myself much calmer and more tolerant as well as better engaged with polarizing views.
–Anwar Pandit, Sr. (tax accountant)

Participants will learn from some of the best industry leaders in academia, the media and professional activism, as well as from one another.

DCC offers participants opportunities to practice the new skills they are learning in a safe, cohort-based environment and to build a network of support that will benefit them long after the conclusion of the program.


Applications for the Winter 2019 cohort are now closed. To find out about future programs, please sign up for CRCC’s newsletter.

Application Deadline: Sunday, December 2, 2018
Acceptance Notification: Monday, December 17, 2018
Confirmation Letter: Monday, December 31, 2018
Payment Due: Friday, January 4, 2019
Program Begins: February 11, 2019 (see schedule below)

Who Should Apply

Digital Centership is about influencing collective narratives from the center of a community. These leadership concepts have broad application across industries, disciplines and movements.

Our ideal candidates for the program are:

  • Mature and able to conduct themselves respectfully when engaging with differences;
  • Personally invested in seeing online spaces used in healthier, more productive ways; and
  • In possession of expertise, vision and/or education that allows them to lead important conversations authentically, and with a degree of authority.

I applied to the DCC with what I thought was a strong foundation and understanding of digital media. Yet at every turn the DCC pushed me to clarify and deepen my own thinking, never telling me what to think but giving me tools and perspectives for developing my own voice. I appreciated the collegiality in the program and have become a more savvy consumer and creator of social media.
–Rabbi Ruth Abusch-Magder, PhD

Cost and Benefits

The financial cost of the six-week program is $299, which includes weekly webinars with respected, nationally recognized thought-leaders and daily online discussions.

Cohort members who participate in at least 80 percent of program activities will:

  • Receive certification that you have completed the program.
  • Be listed as an expert in the DCC Directory of Professionals.
  • Join exclusive DCC Fellow group for networking and support.

Additionally, participants who complete the Digital Centership Program will be able to:

  • Articulate a new perspective on the value of online engagement.
  • Navigate digital spaces as a leader.
  • Build and manage healthy, online communities.
  • Lead and manage productive online conflict.
  • Foster the important conversations needed for a thriving democratic society.
  • Manage your online presence, including information intake, emotional triggers and bad actors who seek to undermine online communities.

Participants will gain new skills and confidence while engaging daily with a cohort of similarly skilled leaders who are passionate about their work and committed as you are to elevating digital culture.

Click here to open the application for the Winter 2019 DCC cohort.

Program Schedule

Week 1: February 11, 2019
Self-mastery: “Leader, Know Thyself”

Week 2: February 18, 2019
Self-mastery: “A Mindful Approach to the Online Environment”

Week 3: February 25, 2019
Community Building: “Defining Your Community”

Week 4: March 4, 2019
Community Building: “Activating Your Community”

Week 5: March 11, 2019
Productive Disagreement: “Embracing Conflict, Valuing Pluralism”

Week 6: March 18, 2019
Productive Disagreement: “Facts Matter: Public Conversations in a Post-Truth Society”

Program Requirements

The program takes place exclusively in digital platforms using online tools and includes active participation in a private online group, weekly reading assignments and weekly video webinars.

Technical requirements:

  • Internet access
  • Computer/smartphone/tablet that has both a camera and microphone
  • Facebook account

The foundation of the program curriculum is active cohort engagement. As such, participants will be asked to sign a commitment letter that confirms they are willing to prioritize the program in their schedule. The course requires approximately 6 hours each week, including a 1.5 hour video conference, reading assignments and daily discussions.

Click here to open the application for the Winter 2019 DCC cohort.