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Amanda Quraishi

Amanda Quraishi is a digital media strategist, writer, public speaker and activist with an expertise in interfaith engagement.

Lyn Boyd-Judson

Lyn Boyd-Judson is a scholar focused on diplomacy, ethics, religion and human rights, and international negotiation.

Wanjiru M. Gitau

Wanjiru M. Gitau is an expert in world Christianity, with a specialization on megachurches and evangelicalism in sub-Saharan Africa.

Arpi Miller

Arpi Miller is a sociologist who studies secular and faith-based immigrant advocacy and accompaniment.

Steven Barrie-Anthony

Steven Barrie-Anthony is a scholar and writer who examines spiritual and religious innovation and change and its impacts on public life, such as on styles of civic and political action.

Cecil L. Murray

Rev. Cecil Murray works to ensure that the legacy of African American Church leaders pass on their years of experience to the next generation.

Jonathan Russell

Jonnie Russell is a scholar engaging religion, philosophy and politics, and a chaplain working for social justice on Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles.

Joe Palacios

Joe Palacios, a sociologist and Catholic priest, studies religion, politics and social justice in Latin America and among immigrants in the United States.

Bruce Phillips

Bruce Phillips is among the leading researchers in the sociology of American Jewry and is an avid historian of Los Angeles.

Rebecca Sager

Rebecca Sager’s work focuses on political and religious movements and parities in American political life.

Brad Christerson

Brad Christenson is a sociologist who has written extensively in the areas of religion, race, ethnicity, and globalization.

Rhonda Roumani

Rhonda Roumani is a freelance journalist who writes about both the Middle East and Islam in the Muslim world and in the United States.

Peter B. Gudaitis

Peter B. Gudaitis is an expert of faith communities and disaster readiness, response and recovery.

Juan Martí­nez

Juan Martinez studies the history of Latino Protestantism, Latino Protestant identity and transnational mission among U.S. Latinos.

Tobin Belzer

Tobin Belzer is an applied sociologist who develops research and program evaluations to support the work of non-profit organizations and philanthropists.

Adlai Wertman

Adlai Wertman teaches social entrepreneurship at USC. He led Chrysalis, a non-profit devoted to helping the homeless in Los Angeles gain employment.

Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson is a sociologist who studies religion on the margins of society, with specific interests in religious practice inside of prison, Latin American Pentecostalism and religion in the city.

Rev. Frank Jackson, Jr.

Rev. Frank Jackson, Jr. couples his experience in business and investment with his passion for community development.

Samuel Chu

Samuel Chu is a seasoned community organizer and strategist who works at the intersection of faith and public policy.

Nadia Roumani

Nadia Roumani has worked with a wide range of organizations over the past decade to better understand the needs of Muslim communities across the United States.