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Born out of the diverse initiatives and networks that followed the L.A. riots, CRCC has been connected to all types of religious communities, before “interfaith” was cool. Coalition of faith leaders came together to address the social divides and ills that led to the conflagrations in 1992.

All religious traditions engage in the public square, and they also have their unique rituals, beliefs and approaches to prayer. Moreover, there’s often disagreements among adherents within each religion about the best way to practice their tradition and engage in political and social issues. Explore trends within a wide variety of groups—from Islam to evangelicalism to religious “nones”—on their respective topic pages, or check out trends that cross groups, such as creativity and innovation or prayer and meditation.

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“Students in mindfulness classes may think they’re seeking therapeutic answers from secularized Eastern traditions, but their practices are authentically American too. Perhaps it’s this implicit knowledge that makes mindfulness so enchanting to spiritual seekers today.”

—Nalika Gajaweera,
“Mindfulness is as American as Apple Pie”