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GenX Religion

GenX Religion

indexGenX Religion
Richard Flory & Donald E. Miller, editors
(Routledge: 2000)







GenX Religion is the first in-depth collection on this generation’s religious experience. The contributors, mostly GenXers themselves, offer both a disciplined methodology and a valuable insider’s sensitivity as they examine the differences between GenX religion and “traditional” religious avenues.

An excerpt from the introduction to the book:

“The product is this book of case studies, sandwiched on one end by an introductory chapter on social and cultural influences on Generation X and a conclusion that develops a theory out of the case studies. While this is obviously not a representative sample of GenX congregations, we have attempted to include a broad spectrum of different racial and ethnic groups, as well as religious traditions.”

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Donald E. Miller is the co-founder of the USC Center for Religion and Civic Culture.

Richard Flory is the executive director of the USC Center for Religion and Civic Culture.