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Faith Leaders on Los Angeles’ Homelessness Crisis

Faith Leaders on Los Angeles’ Homelessness Crisis

Faith Leaders on Los Angeles’ Homelessness Crisis

The University of Southern California hosted a high-level roundtable of local faith leaders to discuss how the faith community could jointly respond to the homelessness crisis in Los Angeles. This post includes a video, resources and joint statement that can be used to help congregations join the effort to eliminate homelessness.

Faith leaders share the resources they bring to the issue of homelessness in this video:


USC Initiative to Eliminate Homelessness – Find news and resources from the University of Southern California’s efforts to end homelessness.

Days of Compassion – The City of Los Angeles is partnering with faith communities through their Days of Compassion initiative. Find events, and information about how congregations can get involved in solving the homelessness crisis.

County of Los Angeles’ Homelessness Initiative – Find out how to get involved in the County’s homelessness work and sign up for email updates.

Click here to download the County Contracting Guide for Faith Communities.

Joint Statement

Faith leaders signed a joint statement of commitment to address homelessness:

As leaders of the many faith communities in Los Angeles, we feel deep compassion for our homeless neighbors.

We support practical solutions which include the construction of housing to meet citizens’ needs and will treat our homeless neighbors as members of our own communities.

We will lead our congregations to speak out on behalf of the homeless people and attend neighborhood councils to support proposals to build new homes in our neighborhoods.

We will persevere in this commitment until all our neighbors dwell in dignity.


Fr. Alexei Smith
Catholic Archdiocese

Amir Hussain
Loyola Marymount University

Beatrice Williams
Community Christian Center

Brie Loskota
USC Center for Religion and Civic Culture

Pastor Cue Jn-Marie
The Row Church

Rev. David Farley
Cal Pac Conf Methodist Church

Bishop David O’Connell
Catholic Archdiocese

Msgr. Gregory Cox
Catholic Charities

Hypein Im
Korean Churches for Econ Development

Pastor Jack Miranda
Jesse Miranda Center

Fr. James Heft
President IFACS

Jamie Cappetta
USC Caruso Catholic Center

Janice Martin
Ecumenical Liaison, Sup District 2

Jim Burklo
USC Religious Life

Fr. John Bakas
Greek Orthodox Church

Fr. Joseph Palacios
USC Sociology

Kaleb Havens
Los Angeles Catholic Worker

Michael Ellison-Lewis
First AME Church of Los Angeles

Michael Stanley
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Rabbi Morley Feinstein
University Synagogue

Rabbi Noah Farkas
Valley Beth Shalom

Rich Grimes
United Way Business Roundtable

Fr. Ted Gabrielli
Dolores Mission

Rev. Thomas Boles
Whittier Community Church

Umar Hakim
ILM Foundation

Rev. Zachary Hoover
LA Voice

Religions and Homelessness: A High-Level Roundtable was sponsored by:

USC Initiative to Eliminate Homelessness
USC Institute for Advanced Catholic Studies
USC Center for Religion and Civic Culture
USC Cecil Murray Center for Community Engagement
USC Office of Religious Life
USC Caruso Catholic Center