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How Middle East Conflicts Impact LA

How Middle East Conflicts Impact LA

How Middle East Conflicts Impact LA

CRCC Managing Director Brie Loskota appeared on an episode of LA Cityview 35’s We Are LA, a presentation of the City of Los Angeles Human Relations Commission. The series highlights HRC’s work to facilitate dialogue in order to enhance understanding and respect among all of the people of Los Angeles.

The episode, titled “How Middle East Conflicts Impact LA,” aired on June 9, 2009. Description from host Ray Gonzales:

Los Angeles has one of the largest immigrant populations in the United States. So when conflicts arise anywhere in the world, they instantly reflect here. Such is the case here with the Israeli-Palestinian differences, originating halfway around the globe, but having a huge effect right here in Southern California. Today, our program will look into the attitudes of local Muslim and Jewish populations. And how the Human Relations Commission tries to the ease the tensions and improve relations between these groups.

The full episode can be viewed below.

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