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Faith-Based Organizations and Disaster Response and Recovery

Image of Faith-Based Organizations and Disaster Response and Recovery

KPCC interviewed Brie Loskota about a new report from the USC Center for Religion and Civic Culture, "Faithful Action Working with Religious Groups in Disaster Planning, Response and Recovery." This report details the need for increased involvement of the faith community and discusses barriers that both public agencies and faith groups face as they attempt to work together. "Faithful Action" offers recommendations for public agencies, especially the California Emergency Management Agency, as they seek to competently engage with faith communities in their disaster efforts.

Americans often turn to religious leaders in times of crisis, said Loskota. "The trust in validating the communications that they hear, the ability to deliver services in the immediate aftermath of a disaster, and then the long-term ability to bring people meaning and social connection—those are all supported by congregations," she said. "And those are all things that can suffer if congregations are not adequately prepared for those roles."

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