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Richard Flory (Ph.D., University of Chicago) is senior director of research and evaluation at the USC Center for Religion and Civic Culture. He is the author/co-author/editor of several books, including Spirit and Power: The Growth and Global Impact of Pentecostalism (Oxford University Press, 2013), Growing up in America: The Power of Race in the Lives of Teens (Stanford University Press, 2010), Finding Faith: The Spiritual Quest of the Post-Boomer Generation (Rutgers University Press, 2008) and GenX Religion (Routledge, 2000). He directs the Religion, Culture and Politics Working Group at USC, which includes religion scholars from 20 universities in Southern California. He is currently writing two books, The Dream Center: A New Generation of Pentecostal Social Outreach (with Hebah Farrag) and Networks of Charisma: The Rise of the “Apostles” and the Decline of Denominations in the New Global Pentecostalism (with Brad Christerson).

Professor Flory is the principal investigator for the Religious Competition and Creative Innovation project, a $2.6 million initiative funded by the John Templeton Foundation that investigates the link between religious competition and innovation in Los Angeles and Seoul, South Korea. His research has been supported by grants from the John Templeton Foundation, the Pew Charitable Trusts, the Lilly Endowment, the John Randolph and Dora Haynes Foundation, and the Louisville Institute.

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Richard Flory