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Can America Change?

Can America Change?

Amid protests against police brutality, a pandemic and a strained economy, Najuma Smith-Pollard, program manager for the USC Cecil Murray Center for Community Engagement, joined several religious leaders to reflect on a question: “Can America Change?” The discussion was part of Valley Beth Shalom Synagogues’ Inside the Rabbi’s Study with Rabbi Ed Feinstein.

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Smith-Pollard spoke about the direction the religious community can move towards to incite change:

I believe that part of what has happened to the church is that we were lulled into a kind of complicit, comfortable state where this season has put things front and center… As a whole, the Black Church needs to have a renewed indignation as related to white supremacy, racism, so that the church can be a part of righteous activism. We have to give back to the activism piece. Prosperity gospel got us comfortable. So we have to have a renewed indignation, about how some stuff just ain’t right. And that has to lead to a righteous activism. We have to get back to really being part of the movement in a very present way… I think that what can happen if the church stays on that path, we can see radical reconstruction of our communities, cities, states, and nation.

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