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Catholic Sisters: Vocations in Africa

Catholic Sisters: Vocations in Africa

Catholic Sisters: Vocations in Africa

Many young women in countries across Africa have decided to become Catholic sisters. In this video, young women share why they decided to follow the path of religious life.

The sisters note that they are following the example of sisters they met in parishes and schools, who devote their lives to working and sharing God’s love with the poor.

In parts of the developing world where vocations (callings) to religious life are strong, there is a concern that young women become Catholic nuns and sisters in order to gain an education or escape poverty. CRCC’s interviews with women in the process of becoming nuns (postulants and novices) indicate that they join congregations in order to serve God and their neighbor. Nonetheless, sisters require support and ongoing formation (the process of guiding a person to a deeper sense of their calling) to deal with the challenges they meet along their journeys.

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This video was made possible by a grant from the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation.