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Radio Azad: Brie Loskota on AMCLI

Radio Azad: Brie Loskota on AMCLI

Radio Azad: Brie Loskota on AMCLI

Even as partnerships between government and faith organizations have narrowed to select groups under the Trump administration, CRCC Executive Director Brie Loskota finds hope in the rise of local initiatives to build partnerships, she said in an interview on Radio Azad, a talk show program for the South Asian community in Dallas-Fort Worth.

“When something contracts, other areas expands,” said Loskota, who is also co-founder and senior advisor to the American Muslim Civic Leadership Institute (AMCLI), housed at CRCC. “A lot of neighborhoods and cities are really taking the lead–and not looking to the federal government or people acting on the national scale to really be the place of guidance–but really tapping into their deep sense of humanity and desire to be good neighbors.”

The interview covered Muslim American candidates for government positions, Loskota’s background and how she came to work with the Muslim American community. She also described AMCLI’s history and programming, and shared how people could find out more about joining the program.

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