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Reimagining Religion Blog Book

Reimagining Religion Blog Book

In 2014, CRCC was awarded a grant from the John Templeton Foundation to explore the proposition that competition between religious groups stimulates creative innovation, contributing to religious change. This “Religious Competition and Creative Innovation” project (RCCI) project built on research that CRCC has conducted on religion, specifically focusing on Southern California and in Seoul, South Korea, because of their similar size and religious diversity. Over the past three years, by looking at more than 70 case studies of religious organizations and the social contexts in which they operate, the RCCI project compared how religious innovation works in different locations.

This blog book presents a large umber of popular articles and blog posts that would serve to bring research to scholars, practitioners and the general public in a timely and accessible form. Those articles and blog posts also can be read and shared individually under the “Religious Creativity and Innovation” area of expertise, or by searching for specific titles.

CRCC hopes that the RCCI research can spark new ideas about how religion can innovate in the context of social and cultural change, and thus remain vibrant and contribute to the spiritual and communal lives of its members.

Click here to download a PDF of the blog book.