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Programs and Services

Programs and Services

The USC Cecil Murray Center for Community Engagement equips faith leaders to transform underserved communities. The Center’s training and consulting programs focus on civic engagement and community development, two areas essential to the progress of underserved communities.

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Financial Fitness Program: Wealth Building Workshops

The Murray Center partners with churches in Southern California to present Wealth Building Workshops to members of their congregations and the surrounding communities. All workshops are open to the public.

Please invite your congregations and communities. Find out more:

Build Your Wealth – A Virtual Lunch and Learn

Critical Conversation Series

Najuma Smith-Pollard hosts conversations with faith, community and civic leaders about pressing issues of our day. All events are held via Zoom webinar and shared on Facebook Live, and are open to the public. Watch past events and see what’s coming up on our events page, or sign up for the CRCC newsletter to stay informed.

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