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Programs and Services

Programs and Services

The USC Cecil Murray Center for Community Engagement equips faith leaders to transform underserved communities.

The Murray Center hosts individual capacity building workshops. Please sign up for the CRCC newsletter and indicate your interest in the Murray Center to find out about future events and programing.

Please click through the links below to find out more about the Murray Center’s programs to support the civic engagement and community development activities of faith organizations in Southern California.

Civic Engagement

Faith Leaders Institute

Clergy and lay leaders of churches and faith-based organizations gain the knowledge and skills necessary to make and change public policy and hold government accountable. Currently, the program consists covers: Recidivism and Prop 47; School to Prison Pipeline; Gentrification; and New Models of Civic Engagement.

Click here for more information about the Faith Leaders Institute


Community Development

Financial Literacy Program

Faith leaders—including clergy, staff and lay leaders of churches and non-profit organizations—find out how to better manage, use and raise funds, so that they can share their knowledge and benefit their communities.

Click here for more information about the Financial Literacy Program


Financial Fitness Program: Wealth Building Workshops

The Murray Center partners with churches in Southern California to present Wealth Building Workshops to members of their congregations and the surrounding communities. All workshops are open to the public.

Click here for more information about the Wealth Building Workshops