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Rev. Dr. Cecil L. Murray Archive

With the participation of First African Methodist Episcopal Church (FAME), the USC Center for Religion and Civic Culture has created a digital archive of the Rev. Dr. Cecil L. “Chip” Murray’s sermons and interviews in order to capture how Rev. Murray has been a force for positive social change in Los Angeles for more than four decades. Select videos are available below, and more than 450 pieces available through the USC Digital Library.

Rev. Murray served as pastor of FAME for 27 years, transforming a small congregation into a megachurch that brought jobs, housing and corporate investment into South Los Angeles neighborhoods. The Murray Archive project makes Pastor Murray’s prophetic social witness available to a new generation of activists, pastors and scholars.

Please donate to Rev. Cecil Murray’s Circle of Support to preserve Rev. Murray’s legacy of socially engaged African-American Christianity. Your donation will support a book project with sermons and commentary, as well as the Rev. Dr. Cecil L. Murray Lecture Series.

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