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Wealth-Building Resources

Wealth-Building Resources

What are your life goals? 

We all have financial goals — you may want to save for education or retirement, get out of debt or buy a house.

The USC Center for Religion and Civic Culture hosts economic empowerment workshops. Attend a workshop to find the motivation, confidence and practical knowledge you need to manage your resources and meet your goals.

This resource guide includes tools to help achieve your dreams.

Upcoming workshops:

Protect Your Finances: How to Avoid Fraud and Predatory Practices

June 12, 2024
9 am – Breakfast
9:30 am – Program
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Join us to learn how to protect yourself, your loved ones and your community members from losing their hard-earned savings.

Financial predators target elders and the poor through predatory lending, payday loans, fraud, identity theft and scams. They often prey on people at their most vulnerable moments. But increasingly sophisticated fraudulent schemes can fool the most savvy individuals.

As part of our Economic Empowerment series, the USC Center for Religion and Civic Culture presents a panel of experts who can tell you how to avoid becoming a victim of financial fraud and predatory practices – and what to do if you have become a victim.

Featured Speaker:
King Jermaine Jones, entrepreneur and venture capitalist, will share his story of dealing with fraud and the mindset required to secure your financial future. His faith in God, critical thinking abilities and entrepreneurial spirit allowed him to come through the foster care and criminal justice systems and succeed first as a robotic engineer and then as owner of the Dr. Fish Spa Las Vegas Franchise and several other businesses.

Emery Younes, Community Development Officer at First Citizens Bank
Eric Clay, Senior Financial Wellbeing Coach at Operation Hope
Jason Lisby, CEO of Shield of Valor Protection

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: This session will be helpful to anybody who wants to secure their financial future. We encourage faith leaders to attend and bring this information back to your community! Join us in-person to connect with our speakers, who have critical resources for your congregations and organizations.

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Economic Empowerment Flyer with event info on it (listed in text of webpage)

Harnessing the Faith Community’s Assets for Social Impact

August 7, 2024
10 am – Program
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The USC Center for Religion and Civic Culture presents a webinar for faith leaders seeking to address critical community issues like housing and homelessness through their congregations.

Many congregations own substantial multi-generational assets and function as trusted intermediaries for civic engagement. They are asset-rich, with real estate, tithes and offerings contributed to furthering the mission and maintenance of the institution. Congregations are also enriched by the talents, gifts, skills, experience and expertise of members and their networks in the wider community.

Still, historic and continued structural inequities limit their access to capital and development support. These often “land-rich, cash-poor” organizations are unable to adequately utilize their assets to address many of the systemic concerns in their communities. This webinar will share creative and imaginative ways to harness the power of a congregation’s assets to make greater social impact.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Pastors, clergy, lay leaders in congregations, faith and nonprofit organizations. You will get an introduction to a transformational program that we hope to bring to Los Angeles.

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Attention, Faith and Community Leaders:

CRCC’s inspirational leader Rev. Dr. Cecil L. Murray has always taught that congregations should help people with their spiritual AND social condition. By attending and sharing these webinars, you can help people gain tools to meet their financial and life goals.

As Rev. Murray says, it’s not enough to give people a fish or even teach them to fish; we must teach them how to own the pond.

Presenters will share information, resources and general strategies for economic empowerment. The presentation is not intended to be investment advice or personal financial counseling. Seek a duly licensed professional for advice.

Resource Guide

The links in the following pages will help you manage your budget, buy a home, learn how to invest, and more. You can navigate each section at the menu on the right or the bottom.

Find out how to take control of your financial future.

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First Citizens Bank sponsors financial empowerment programs conducted by the USC Center for Religion and Civic Culture. Explore “Insights” on their website for advice on personal, small business and commercial finance, plus wealth management.