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The Jewish Journal: A Jew and a Muslim?

The Jewish Journal: A Jew and a Muslim?

The Jewish Journal: A Jew and a Muslim?

CRCC’s Brie Loskota was quoted The Jewish Journal‘s article “A Jew and a Muslim?” Loskota reflects on the idea of the non-profit company, NewGround.

An excerpt from the article:

NewGround is itself the outgrowth of a partnership formed in the post-9/11 early 2000s between two L.A.-based nonprofits, the Progressive Jewish Alliance (PJA) and the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), whose leaders first hoped to convene other Jewish and Muslim leaders, but had little success. Rather than turn away in failure, they turned to younger Jews and Muslims — tomorrow’s leaders.

“The idea was, younger people want to come together,” recalled Brie Loskota, managing director of the Center for Religion and Civic Culture at the University of Southern California. Loskota worked as an outside consultant for the founding partners from around 2004-05; neither Jewish nor Muslim, she collaborated with two other women, one Jewish and one Muslim, to research existing programs of Muslim-Jewish engagement — a small and still-developing field — to figure out what worked.

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Photo Credit: David Miller/Jewish Journal