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Program Frequently Asked Questions

Program Frequently Asked Questions

Program FAQs


When will applications for the next AMCLI National program be available?

The AMCLI offered the National program for five years (2008-2013).  The program is not offered at this time.


Is AMCLI Regional different from the AMCLI National program?

The AMCLI regional program is a condensed version of the National Program. AMCLI completed five regional programs in between 2014 and 2015.


What is AMCLI working on now?

AMCLI hosted a large-scale gathering for all those who have completed the National and Regional programs in early 2016. Click here to read about the results of that event. At the convening, alumni offered their ideas about the future of AMCLI and we are now developing the next stages of the program. AMCLI will begin programming again in 2017.


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