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#ReligionInSeoul: CRCC studies Religion in Korea

#ReligionInSeoul: CRCC studies Religion in Korea

#ReligionInSeoul: CRCC studies Religion in Korea

As a part of CRCC’s research on religious competition and creative innovation, the CRCC team traveled to Korea to see how religion is changing there. Seoul provides a comparison case for Los Angeles.

In the U.S., those unaffiliated with a religion (“Religious nones”) have been increasing for the last several years. In Korea, the overall number of people who affiliate/identify with a religion has increased from 42.6% (1985) to 53.1% (2005) over the last two decades. The overall number of “religious nones” in Korea has decreased by 10.5% in this same period.

CRCC reports on these trends in the following posts:

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