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AMCLI Advisory Council 2021-2022

AMCLI Advisory Council 2021-2022

AMCLI Advisory Council 2021-2022

In 2006, a group of Muslim civic leaders came together and shared ideas, stories, disappointments, and triumphs. They developed a renewed sense of community and cultivated a shared belief that their civic work, if strategically nurtured, could lead to a vibrant and civically engaged Muslim community in America. The American Muslim Civic Leadership Institute was born out of that meeting. Over the past 15 years, AMCLI has actively supported and unlocked the leadership potential of generations of American Muslim civic leaders who are able to fully engage co-religionists, constituents, and fellow citizens in the work of building better communities for all.

AMCLI is excited to share with you the members of the inaugural AMCLI Advisory Council.

    • Hind Makki (AMCLI 1)
    • Shahed Amanullah (AMCLI 1)
    • Farhan Latif (AMCLI 2)
    • Kasar Abdulla (AMCLI 2)
    • Umar Hakim (AMCLI 2)
    • Syed Mohiuddin (AMCLI 3)
    • Tannaz Haddadi (AMCLI 4)
    • Amanda Quraishi (AMCLI 4)
    • Manar Waheed (AMCLI 5)
    • Sondos Kholaki (AMCLI 6)
    • Quaiser Abdullah (AMCLI 7)
    • Palmer Shepherd (AMCLI 8)
    • Aziza Hasan (AMCLI 9)
    • Kalia Abiade (AMCLI 10)
    • Aisha Yaqoob (AMCLI 11)
    • Luna Banuri (AMCLI 12)
    • Amany Killawi (AMCLI 13)
    • Muhi Khwaja (AMCLI 13)
    • Somayeh Nikooei (AMCLI 14)
    • Noor Abbady (AMCLI 15)
    • Dilnaz Waraich (AMCLI 16)
    • Hazel Gomez (AMCLI 16)

As we celebrate our 15-year anniversary, AMCLI’s role in increasing the capacity and success of Muslim civic leaders from across the United States is undeniable. We’re excited to continue the future work of building and unlocking the potential of emerging American Muslim leaders.

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